REWBCON23 and Marlon Smith Living With Purpose REWBCON23 Challenge

Now that REWBCON23 is in the books and we are all coming down off the mountain together, we cannot let life creep back in and stop us from reaching our goals.

We have the Living with Purpose Challenge with Marlon Smith for you to continue in the growth and goals you made at REWBCON23 and keep moving forward.

Everything for the LWP Challenge is in the REWBCON Slack Group!

Join the group:

Download the Living With Purpose eBook here:

Weekly LWP Challenge ZOOM Calls

REWBCON Zoom Dates & Link: Join us at:

  • Monday, May 8 2023 at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST) REWBCON Living With Purpose Kickoff zoom.
  • May 29th 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST) Half-time Zoom Huddle
  • June 19th 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST) Living With Purpose SUPER BOWL Celebration

Kickoff: Congratulations! REWBCON23 was a success.  Here's our challenge for Growing Stronger Together…

Our REWBCON23 theme is STRONGER TOGETHER so let's make it happen.

Here are three quick action items:
1) Join the REWBCON Slack Group here:
2) Be sure to click this link to receive FREE access to LIVING WITH PURPOSE – 40 Days to Empowering You and Your Family.
3) Post your insights to the Living With Purpose Day 1 Questions in our REWBON Slack Group so we may celebrate you.

During our REWBCON Living With Purpose Challenge, we will grow Stronger Together through these weekly topics….

  • Week 1  Uncovering the Greatness Within You 
  • Week 2  Moving Through Fear 
  • Week 3  Discovering What You Really Want 
  • Week 4  Getting Clear on Your Goals 
  • Week 5  Claiming the Power of Your Thoughts 
  • Week 6  Living Your True Mission 
  • Week 7  Enjoying a Balanced Life

Continue shining your light bright.

Day 1:

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