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Keynotes (30-45 min each)

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Your Key to Success at REWBCON – Tom Sylvester

This is how you can make the most of REWBCON and set yourself up for great success in real estate investing.

Become A Real Estate Wealth Builder – Dustin Heiner

Anyone can be an investor. But not everyone believes in themselves enough to do it. Learn from Dustin Heiner how you can be a real estate investor and change your life forever as a Wealth Builder.

Why Now Is the Best Time To Invest In Real Estate | Market Outlook – Marco Santerel

You don’t wait to buy real estate. You buy real estate and wait. Marco looks into the market to show you what is going on, what is working, and what is not.

Build a Bigger Life and Finally Become Free – Adam Carroll

You have more potential than you even know about. Adam helps you to unlock your abilities and get to be the investor you must be.

Ready, Set, Launch | Create Your Own Success – Annie Dickerson

Success is what you make for yourself. You have to be the one to want it and Annie Dickerson shows us the steps we need to take to grab success for ourselves.

Teamwork | Working with Your Spouse and Partnering – Jason & Pili Yarusi

Working with your spouse is rewarding, complementing, and challenging all at the same time. Learn from the husband and wife investor team how to successfully navigate investing as a couple and others.

Play a Bigger Game: Be more, create more and have way more fun along the way. – Leisa Peterson

Breakthrough what is holding you back as Leisa Peterson guides you through a simple mental exercise to create a massive ripple effect that can help you kick negative thoughts and emotions out of the driver’s seat so you make better choices, build greater resiliency and become more capable of creating the quality of life you desire.

3 Imperatives You Must Be Investing For – Dustin Heiner

Life is more than just about making money. Learn what path you need to take to make an impact that only you can do in your life and in your investing.

Your Success is Your Choice | What's Next? – Marlon Smith

Get Ready because your best is yet to come! During this closing session, International Business Consultant Marlon Smith will share winning insights for maximizing your potential and achieving greater results. You will have FUN and be on the edge of your seat. 100% Guarantee… You will leave this session on FIRE, ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Breakout Sessions (50 min each)

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50 Properties in 3 years – How to scale your real estate investing business faster, more efficiently, and make more money with these expert investing tactics and the BRRRR process. – Shelby Osborne

Buying one property is easy. Scaling to 50 properties in 3 years takes knowing the proven tactics, tips, and tricks to help you scale your business to the next level even faster. After successfully investing in 50 properties using the BRRRR process to scale her business, Shelby Osborne will show you what has made her real estate investing such a huge success and how you can too. Scale your business faster, and more efficiently, and get more money to scale your business with these insights from doing over 50 BRRRR deals in 3 years.

Multi-Family Investing in Syndications with Passive or Active Investing – Annie Dickerson

Should you be an active or passive multi-family investor? Annie Dickerson shows us how to discover the right real estate investing path for you and how to do it successfully. 

Use Systems to Turn Your Real Estate Business Into a Machine – Tom Sylvester

Real estate investors are business owners.  That means you need to treat your real estate investing like a business, not a hobby.  As you grow your investments, so will the number of tasks and management responsibilities.  If you don’t implement systems, you will easily become overwhelmed and burned out. In this session, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and business coach Tom Sylvester will share how to structure your real estate investing like a business, what systems are, and how to use them to turn your real estate investing business into a machine!  The result – you can continue to grow your real estate portfolio and reap all the benefits of investing without it taking up all your time and taking over your life.

4 Secrets to Shredding Your Debt, Building Wealth, & Creating Freedom – Adam Carroll

In today’s economy, millions are faced with a financial dilemma of epic proportions. Without question, individuals and families are struggling financially due to the overwhelming burdens of long-term debt. If left unchecked long-term debt is the single greatest enemy when it comes to achieving financial freedom now and at the time of retirement. The Shred Method uses proven financial strategies to help homeowners and renters achieve their financial goals. The Shred Method debt elimination and wealth acceleration platform helps you own your home in less than half the time. By using common practices that are taught by several financial experts, The Shred Method clients will pay off all of their debts, including a mortgage in as little as 6-12 years- with no major changes to their spending habits. A debt and mortgage-free future is just around the corner!

How To 10X Your Income As A Land Investor – Seth Williams

Land is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood real estate investments on earth. In this session, you’ll learn how the business model works, why it carries less risk, requires less investment, with less competition, while also offering more profit and growth potential than any other real estate investing niche today. Get ready for a paradigm shift!

Use Private Money to Successfully Close More Deals – Charles Rose Jr.

Having access to capital is what will get you deals. Learn how to get private money from others to buy income-producing properties AND provide great money-making opportunities for your private investors. You will learn how to find and get private money from others to invest in your deals.

Out of State Investing – Build Real Estate Portfolio No Matter Where You Live – Sunitha Rao

Learn how you can invest anywhere in the country and even house hack into great real estate rental properties from Sunitha Rao.

Tax Strategies for Real Estate | What a Savvy Investor needs to know – Maria Grasmeier

Real estate investors must deal with taxes. But, there are some key things you must know to minimize your tax burden and make sure you are keeping more of your money in your pocket. Learn what you need to know as CPA Marie Grasmeier shows us how to save money on our taxes as a real estate investors.

Why vacation rentals, and where they work best (it might not be what you think) – Kirby Atwell

Vacation rentals are one of the fastest paths that real estate investors can use to get to financial freedom.  Many times it’s possible to get 3-4 times the cash flow on the exact same property used as a short-term rental as opposed to renting it on a long-term basis. In this presentation, Kirby will shatter the misconceptions and open your eyes to the massive opportunity that exists in the short-term rental space today!

Find More Investor Deals with Facebook Ads – Monica Louie

Finding deals with Facebook ads is something that realtors have been doing for years. Now you can, as a real estate investor, can do the exact same thing to find properties to buy yourself and grow your investing business.

How to 3x Your Rental Income w/out Short Term Rentals – Paul Thompson

How would you like to get 3X the rental profits without 3X the headache with short-term rentals? Well, you can with Mid-Term rentals and Paul Thompson is going to show us how to do it successfully and make even more money doing it.

The Power of Partnerships to Be More Successful Investing In Real Estate – Diego Corzo & Felipe Mejia

Learn how to create successful money-making partnerships the right way from investors who have multiple successful partnerships.

Everyday Investor Panel | See How Others Are Successfully Investing – Timothy Lyons, JT Olmstead, William Parmer, Anton Zherelyev

Anyone can invest in real estate. Listen and be inspired by these regular everyday people share how they became successful real estate investors in their different niches and investing strategies. Single-family homes, Multi-family apartments, Land investing, and Wholesaling.

How to Identify Land for Development in Three Easy Steps – Sue Hough

How to determine if the land you want to build your next big project on is up to the task.  We will dive into zoning and how that affects what you can build. Land composition will dictate what you can support.  And finally how land surveys and topographical surveys can impact your project.

Create A 6-Figure Automatic Real Estate Investing Business – Dustin Heiner

Learn how to create a passive income investing business that works for you automatically and create a 6-figure business with rental properties.

  • 1 property @ $250 a month = $3,000 a year 
  • 10 properties @ $250 a month = $30,000 a year
  • 20 property @ $250 a month = $60,000 a year

Ramping Up Your Business-W-2 Employee to W-2 Employer

Now that you are a successfully unemployed real estate investor, this is how you can continue to build your real estate investing business successfully as a full-time investor.

Uplevel Your Wealth & Unleash Your Potential by Accessing Your Flow – Leisa Peterson

In the world of money, we’ve all heard of using loans to allow us to buy an asset worth 10 times more than the amount of money we have to invest. The same principle can be applied to creating leverage with our own life energy.  During this workshop, you’ll learn ways to access flow states to amplify your results in less time with greater enjoyment. You’ll discover how to access the same flow states that elite athletes and thriving entrepreneurs use to help them achieve incredible results and you’ll walk away with a plan for organizing your time and energy so you can reach your fullest potential in life.

How to Build a Passive Real Estate Portfolio Anywhere in the U.S. – Sunitha Rao

How to Build a Passive Real Estate Portfolio Anywhere in the U.S.

The Importance of Building a Network – Mike Cavaggioni

Networking takes effort, but it also requires some skill. Anyone can make social media posts, but people who develop their networking skills will find that they build more meaningful and impactful connections.

Transitioning from Single Family to Multi-Family Investing Alex Felice

Taking the leap into multi-family investing takes knowledge, skill, and experience. Learn how to do it successfully as Alex Felice shows us from a banker and investor's perspective to transition into multi-family real estate investing.

AirBnB Without Owning Properties or Having Experience Julian Sage

In this session you will learn:

  • How to build a business renting other people’s properties
  • Why long term rental investing is not the fastest path to financial freedom
  • How to make $1000’s a month with $0 up front or ongoing costs.
  • The secret to scaling to $10k/month easily
  • Our exact formula for how we built a seven figure business without owning
  • How you can get started with no experience or properties

Co-op Pad | Building Wealth With Communal Living Spaces – J Parker

Communal living is growing in this Gig Economy where people are more interested in living and working with others than being alone. Investing in co-op communal living properties is a way to bring people together and help all of them to have a great place and a great community.

How NFTs will Change the Way We Invest in Real Estate – Michael Quan

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the future of real estate – both virtual and physical. Those who understand how to position themselves early will reap incredible returns. I’d like that to be you. In this session, I’ll help to break down this often misunderstood technology into bite-sized chunks that anyone can understand. I’ll share how I used NFTs to turn $500 into $100,000+ in less than a year. The good news is you are early. And mind-shattering ROIs will continue to appear as NFTs are applied to new markets like real estate. I’ll share with you the ways this is currently happening in both the metaverse (digital online worlds) and where it will evolve with traditional brick-and-mortar real estate. NFTs are going to revolutionize the way we operate our businesses, and cash flow and appreciation will be more than abundant. Your future is NOW.

Increase ROI by using 1031 Exchanges to Boost Returns – Scott Saunders

Topics Covered:

  • Why Section 1031 exchanges are a powerful strategy in  the tax code for 100+ years
  • Market Update: What is happening re: 1031 exchanges in 2022 and how to be proactive to have a successful 1031 exchange
  • Creative Like-Kind Property Alternatives
  • Review: 1031 exchange time deadlines and Identification Rules
  • Taxes: Use Tax Savings and combine 1031 exchange with cost segregation to increase returns
  • How to use Inflation as a Tailwind to increase investment returns

Invest w/ No Money by Subject To Investing – Adam Johnson

In this session, learn how to buy real estate without getting a mortgage of your own. By using subject-to-investing, you are buying subject to the existing mortgage and are able to buy the property with non of your own money. Learn the steps to buy a house subject to the existing mortgage.

Multi-Family Syndication, Getting Money and Deals – Jason & Pili Yarusi

There are two main things you need in multi-family investing. Deals and money. In this session, learn how to find the deals and find the investors with the money to help you buy the deals for your investing business.

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