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Creative Financing Mastery: 15 Ways To Finance Your Real Estate Investing

Dustin Heiner of the Master Passive Income Podcast is going to share with you how he has personally used creative financing to buy real estate.

15 Ways To Finance Your Real Estate Investing” is an illuminating and comprehensive talk designed for both aspiring and experienced real estate investors who are keen to explore innovative financing strategies beyond traditional bank loans. This presentation delves into the realm of creative financing, offering a detailed exploration of 15 unique and practical methods to secure funding for real estate investments. Whether you're looking to kickstart your investment journey or expand your existing portfolio, this talk provides valuable insights into leveraging unconventional financing options.

Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of each financing method, including seller financing, lease options, hard money loans, private lending, partnerships, and more. The speaker will not only explain the mechanics of these diverse strategies but also discuss their advantages, challenges, and best practices for implementation. Real-world examples and case studies will be used to illustrate how each financing option can be effectively applied in various investment scenarios, from residential to commercial properties.

This talk is designed to equip real estate investors with the knowledge and tools to navigate the financial landscape confidently, allowing for greater flexibility, creativity, and success in their investment endeavors. Whether you're dealing with limited capital, looking to avoid traditional bank hurdles, or simply aiming to diversify your financing options, “Creative Financing Mastery: 15 Ways To Finance Your Real Estate Investing” promises to unlock new opportunities and perspectives in the world of real estate finance.

How to Legally Raise Money by Marketing A Deal To Investors

In the intricate world of investment, understanding how to legally market deals to investors is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. This comprehensive talk delves deep into the labyrinth of securities laws, aiming to arm entrepreneurs, startups, and investors with the crucial knowledge needed to navigate these complex regulations successfully. Our journey will begin with a primer on the fundamentals of securities law, shedding light on what constitutes a security and the legal ramifications tied to its marketing.

We will then explore the various exemptions that allow for the marketing of deals without stepping into the legal grey zone, including Regulation D, Regulation A, and crowdfunding exceptions. These segments will provide actionable insights on how to leverage these exemptions effectively while maintaining compliance with SEC regulations.

A significant focus will be on the dos and don'ts of investor communications. This includes how to construct offering materials, what disclosures are required to avoid misrepresentation, and the importance of transparency to prevent accusations of fraud.

Understanding the consequences of non-compliance is crucial. To this end, we will examine real-world case studies where companies faced legal challenges due to improper marketing practices. These examples will highlight common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Finally, we will provide a roadmap for staying on the right side of the law. This will include best practices for due diligence, the role of legal counsel in marketing efforts, and strategies for maintaining ongoing compliance as laws and regulations evolve.

Whether you're looking to raise capital for your next venture or you're an investor seeking to understand the legal landscape, this talk will provide you with the knowledge and tools to market deals legally, avoiding the costly consequences of non-compliance. Join us to ensure your investment marketing strategies are not only effective but legally sound, keeping you far from the pitfalls that lead to legal scrutiny or, worse, jail.

Mobile Home Park Mastery: Transforming Ordinary Assets into Extraordinary Wealth

Join Matt, a seasoned real estate expert in the niche world of mobile home park investing, for a compelling session that unveils the strategic potential within this unique real estate segment. Matt brings unparalleled insights into the value proposition that mobile home parks offer to investors.

This presentation is designed to educate attendees about the critical role mobile home parks play in addressing the increasing demand for affordable housing solutions. As traditional homeownership remains elusive for many, Matt will illustrate how these parks not only fulfill a vital housing need but also present a lucrative investment opportunity characterized by stability and predictability. Matt will also go into the strategies used to find, acquire, and manage these parks.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the hidden gem of real estate investing with Matt. Discover how mobile home parks can enrich your investment portfolio while offering a unique blend of stability, growth potential, and social value.

Top Methods Wealthy Use to Reduce Tax, Protect Assets ​​​​​​& Build Wealth

What the wealthy use to build net worth:

Should you be using an LLC, Corporation or Trust? Most CPAs, Accountants and Attorneys don't understand both Asset Protection AND Tax Planning together.

How to protect your savings, real estate and investments.

How to have peace of mind and grow your assets.

How to grow and protect your wealth.

Simple tools to increase your net worth, protect assets and provide a legacy.

Diversifying Your Wealth: Exploring Different Real Estate Investment Strategies

Discover the secrets to real estate success with our expert panelists specializing in land, storage facilities, Airbnb, commercial, multi-family, residential, and mobile home park investments.

Join us for “Diversifying Your Wealth: Exploring Different Real Estate Investment Strategies” and learn how to:

  • Identify the best investment strategy for your goals and risk appetite
  • Scale your portfolio and maximize returns
  • Understand the financial requirements and capital needed to start investing
  • Weigh the risks and rewards of various asset classes
  • Find the right partners and create successful joint ventures
  • Gain insights into the future growth potential of different real estate sectors

…and a whole lot more!

Plus, get YOUR questions answered during the live Q&A.

We will learn from:

  • Seth: land/storage facilities
  • Leisa: Airbnb/commercial
  • Susan: multi-family
  • William: residential/mobile home parks

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or a seasoned investor looking to expand your portfolio, don't miss this opportunity to learn from experienced investors and take the first step towards diversifying your wealth!

Generating Passive Income Through Real Estate Syndications

In this talk, we will discuss how to passively invest in real estate. Specifically, you will learn how to vet and underwrite prospective investments as a limited partner in Real Estate Syndications. During this breakout session, Pili Yarusi will explain the differences between active and passive investments, how to vet operators and how to read and understand an investment summary and what information you should ask every operatior.

The Investor's Blueprint to Self Storage: Starting, Scaling, and Succeeding

Jon Farling has scaled his 8 figure Self Storage business in a relatively short period of time using some key principles.  His presentation will include why Self Storage is a strong asset class, how to find Self Storage deals, how he’s creatively funded deals and key principles in operating his Storage Facilities remotely while working only 1 hr per week on his business.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Self Storage, this is the presentation you’ll want to attend!

WORKSHOP: Get Deals Faster With Deal Machine | (Bring Your Laptop)

Join us for an awesome workshop with DealMachine as they show us how to get great properties for good deals. Bring your laptop since this is a workshop where you will leave with deals!

$0 to 6-Figures: Create An Automatic Investing Business From Scratch

Learn how to invest anywhere in the country and make passive income from your real estate investing in your AUTOMATIC passive income business.

In this breakout session, I will share with you the secrets of creating a successful buy and hold real estate portfolio. We will cover everything from finding the right properties to financing your investments, and how to manage them for maximum profitability.

You don't need to be a real estate expert or have a ton of cash on hand to get started. With the right knowledge and strategies, anyone can build a profitable real estate portfolio that generates passive income for years to come.

Join me for an engaging and informative session that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take the first step towards financial freedom through real estate investing. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this session is a must-attend for anyone looking to build wealth through passive income streams.

Future-Proofing Your Real Estate Business: The Role of Automation in Capital Raising

In this presentation, we explore how automation is reshaping the landscape of fundraising, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to raise capital effortlessly. From AI-driven investor matching algorithms to automated email sequences and real-time analytics, we'll uncover the tools and strategies that streamline the fundraising process, saving time and maximizing results. Join us to learn how automation can transform your fundraising efforts, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and security while freeing you to focus on building your business.

How to Structure a Real Estate Offering with Investors

During her presentation, attorney Kim Lisa Taylor will share insights into partnering with investors in real estate transactions. She will cover promissory notes, joint ventures, and syndicates. Deal structuring, profit sharing, and legal compliance will also be discussed.

Capitalizing on the Multifamily Opportunity of a Generation

A perfect storm is converging in multifamily real estate, setting the stage for potentially unprecedented profits. Investors have a limited window to capitalize on favorable dynamics creating the most promising apartment investing landscape in decades.

How to Acquire, Build and Leverage the Four Pillars of Real Estate: Equity, Appreciation, Loan Pay Down and Tax Benefits

Felipe will be showing how to utilize the four pillars through loan pay down, line of credit, tax benefits and appreciation to acquire more rentals!Most investors don’t know how to leverage all pillars of real estate which is why burn out happens. Maximizing the full potential of every rental.

How to Take Advantage of AI to Boost Your Bottom Line

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly popular across all industries, but have you integrated AI into your rental business? Not only can you simplify your rental business with AI, but you can also professionalize your property management. Seamus Nally, CEO of TurboTenant, dives into how to use artificial intelligence to quickly create attractive property listings, as well as to communicate across differences with your tenants. Artificial intelligence can be used to generate faster, better quality leads for your vacancies, and can also help you retain those great tenants for steady income streams.

Real Estate Tax Tactics: A Comprehensive Look at Rentals, Syndication, and New 2024 Reporting Rules

Real Estate & Taxes – What you need to know about taxation for Long, Mid- and Short-Term rentals, syndication reporting including K-1 special allocations and basis issues plus highlights of the new 2024 Federal Corporate Transparency Act regarding beneficial ownership reporting.

The $2 Million Land Transformation: Building a Storage Facility from Scratch

Ready to embark on a daring journey into the self-storage business with a hefty $2 million investment? That's what Seth Williams did, and through the process, he encountered a series of challenges, victories, and timeless lessons about money, business, and the incredible opportunity in real estate. This presentation is a tell-all, deep dive into the nitty-gritty of putting together the deal, overcoming obstacles, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. For anyone dreaming of breaking into the self-storage scene, this is your golden ticket to insider knowledge and inspiration.

Double Dipping on My Money with The Money Multiplier

Have you ever had this deep gut feeling that there MUST be more to money than was taught in school?By your parents, friends, or colleagues? How do they super elite, super rich and wealth keep growing their wealth generation after generation? How can I make my money work harder for ME? Yes, us too. Then we discovered the power of The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and put this concept to work for our family. Brent will show you how he paid off $984,711 in third party debt, paid down expenses and is now recycling and recapturing ALL of his money for anything and everything he buys in life. It’s time to break the bonds of financial slavery you don’t even realize you are in.

AI in Real Estate: Don't Get Left Behind

Discover how AI is reshaping real estate, enhancing property searches, valuations, and investments. This session includes practical demonstrations of predictive analytics for smarter investments and chatbots for superior customer service. Learn how to incorporate AI into your real estate practices for operational efficiency, better customer experiences, and business growth. Ideal for professionals aiming to stay ahead. Make AI your strategic real estate partner today!

Building Your Real Estate Portfolio

Mercedes Torres, a seasoned expert in real estate investing, stands as a beacon of knowledge at REWBCON24, offering attendees invaluable insights into achieving financial freedom through passive income streams buying and holding real estate, creatively. With a profound understanding of creating wealth through real estate, Mercedes specializes in the art of buying and holding properties, with a keen focus on cash flow optimization and building portfolios with infinite returns.

In her highly anticipated session, Mercedes will unveil the hidden gems of real estate investing that many don't focus on, shedding light on the often-overlooked benefits of buying and holding properties. While many discussions revolve around the initial purchase and rental income, Mercedes delves deeper, unraveling the lesser-known advantages that set seasoned investors apart from the rest.

Attendees will experience an “ah-ha” moment as Mercedes unveils the power of maximizing leverage through buying and holding property creatively, and understanding and maximizing portfolio loans. In a revelation that could reshape their financial futures, Mercedes demonstrates how easily investors can amplify their purchasing power and expand their portfolios. By strategically leveraging portfolio loans, attendees will discover a pathway to acquiring multiple properties with minimal capital, propelling them closer to their goal of financial independence.

Through Mercedes' expert guidance, you will grasp the true essence of passive income and the transformative potential of real estate investing. Her session promises to be not just informative, but profoundly empowering, offering you a roadmap to retire on your terms. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of building lasting wealth with Mercedes Torres at REWBCON24.

Financially Free in 5 Years or Less with Medium-Term Rentals (MTR)

Join experienced real estate investor Sarah Weaver as she unveils the secrets behind managing a flourishing portfolio of 19 units while traversing the globe full-time. Sarah demonstrates how she effortlessly self-manages her properties, enabling her to lead a nomadic lifestyle without compromising on profits. Drawing from her extensive expertise showcased in her acclaimed book, “30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental,” published by BiggerPockets, Sarah will guide how to seamlessly furnish, launch, and manage properties from afar, turning them into lucrative cashflow generators. Learn how to become financially free in 5 years or less through medium-term rentals,  ensuring they complement your lifestyle rather than consume it. After all, we are looking to work less, not more!

Portfolio Takedowns; The Untapped Goldmine of Multiple Owners!

This presentation is set to enlighten attendees on the untapped potential of land flipping, a niche yet lucrative real estate investment strategy. King, a seasoned investor with experience in flipping land across 20+ states and completing over 500 transactions, shares his comprehensive journey from a beginner to a land investment pro. The presentation covers various strategies within land flipping, including the Micro Flip, BOSS Play, Assignment Play, Seller Finance Play, Subdividing Play, Portfolio Takedown Play, and Trophy Hunting Play. Each section is designed to equip participants with the knowledge to navigate the land investment landscape successfully, debunk common myths about land investing, and leverage specific techniques for substantial profits. King's approach is hands-on, offering insights from his coaching experiences and testimonials from successful students to inspire and guide new investors toward achieving freedom and success as land bosses.

Syndication 101: The Bridge to Commercial Real Estate for Single Family Investors

What You'll Discover: The Single-Family Syndication Connection: Explore the hidden parallels between your single-family investments and larger commercial syndications. Understand how the core principles of property selection, management, and value creation translate seamlessly.

Supercharge Your Returns: Unlock the potential for higher, more stable returns with commercial properties compared to single-family homes. Gain insights into diversification strategies and risk management techniques.

Scale Up Without Starting Over: Leverage your existing expertise in property analysis, tenant management, and local market knowledge. Apply your single-family know-how to larger deals.

The Team Advantage: Discover how syndication allows you to tap into the expertise of industry professionals, reducing your workload and maximizing your investment success.

Build Your Commercial Portfolio Brick by Brick: Learn how to select the right syndication partners, evaluate deals like a pro, and build a diversified portfolio across different asset classes.

This presentation is for you if: You're curious about commercial real estate but feel intimidated by the initial hurdles. You want to leverage your existing expertise in a powerful new way. Join us and unlock the hidden potential within your single-family experience! Discover how syndication can be your bridge to building a robust commercial real estate portfolio and achieving your financial goals.

$0 to $10,000/mo Net Cash Flow with Low Cost Short Term Rentals

The short-term rental industry has changed a lot in the last five years, and the traditional approach no longer cash flows in most cases. 

However, there is an alternative way to invest in STR’s that requires less capital, provides much higher cash flow, is lower risk, and less regulation. Yet for some reason no one is talking about it.

Kirby Atwell used this strategy to replace his W-2 income and leave his full time job 3 years ago.In this session he will share the specific markets and property type that provide way above average returns, as well as a detailed plan to use this investing strategy to quickly go from $0 cash flow to $10,000 per month, with a relatively low number of properties.

Build a Predictable Income Business: The AI Secrets the Top 1% of Investors Are Using to Win Big

In an industry where time is literally money, and the margin for error is razor-thin, the real question isn’t whether you can afford to leverage AI in your real estate business; it’s whether you can afford not to. This is an invitation to explore the future of real estate investing, where AI isn’t just an option; it’s your secret weapon. Join us at the breakout session to unlock the full potential of your real estate business. Miss it at your own risk.

Flip Your Way to Wealth: Secrets of Profitable House Flipping

Flipping out about retirement? Want to retire early? Flip your way to retirement. Learn how to flip profitably and take that active income into passive investments.

How I Bought $45 Million in Real Estate Without Using a Dime of My Own Money

Sam Primm is going to give a masterclass on how normal people can create wealth and freedom using none of their own money. 

He went from a middle class W2 employee to owning $47 million in real estate and flipping 1,000 houses, all without using a dime of his own money within 9 years. 

He has walked the walk and now wants to help you efficiently do the same thing by laying out some key foundational concepts you have never been taught before. If you want freedom, this presentation is for you.

Why NOW is the Time to Buy Multifamily and How To Do It

Build Your Real Estate Business by Problem Solving and Tackling Fears

So you have plans as an entrepreneur: follow a business road map, work hard and live the easy life. It's the American dream! Reality happens and the unexpected challenges hit your business right and left. This is simply how life works, but how do you maneuver through the unforeseen challenges? How do you understand if those are road blocks, growing pains or signs to take a totally different route?

As a longtime entrepreneur and former W-2 (work-until-you-drop) employee, Denise Ford has learned massive lessons from embracing a brand new real estate industry starting with land. Join Denise and see how she pushes through ongoing challenges by problem-solving and conquering fears to move forward. Step through actual business transactions and thought processes to solve issues. Walk away with applicable skills to get creative and be stronger personally and professionally.

Create Liquidity FAST Using The Shred Method™

Most people don't have an income problem, they have a liquidity problem. We're underwritten by the banks on our ability to pay the loans back, but where does the money come from when you need lump sums quick? Through a unique and easily implemented cash flow technique, you can create liquidity faster than you could ever imagine. Need access to tens of thousands of dollars for future deals, this is how to do it in short order. You'll walk away with 2-3 steps that will have you closer to your next real estate deal, syndication investment, or structured note.

STRaight Fire | Remote Airbnb Management

James covers the ins and outs of Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) using short-term rentals. Including a Long-Term vs. short-term showdown, day-to-day management, and how to do it all remotely while living the life of your dreams.

Unlocking the Secrets to a Seven-Figure Passive Income

Imagine transforming your life from the monotonous grind of a 9-to-5 existence to securing a seven-figure passive income, all within the span of just six years. The conventional path laid before us—dedicating the prime years of our lives in pursuit of a retirement that promises more constraints than freedoms—is far from the only option available. 

Inspired by the pivotal awakening experienced by Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix,” my journey represents a profound break from the norm, a leap into a realm of limitless possibilities. 

This is not just about financial freedom; it's about reshaping your reality, challenging the status quo, and unlocking the door to a lifestyle where abundance is the norm, not the exception. Join me as we embark on a transformative journey to redefine success. 

Discover the strategies that catapulted me from the confines of a cubicle to the elite circle of the 1%, enjoying the fruits of a well-structured passive income. This is more than a presentation; it's a call to action for those ready to awaken their potential and chart a course toward a life of abundance and freedom. 

Are you ready to step out of the Matrix and into the life you've always dreamed of? Let's embark on this journey together.

Live Podcast Recording of 5 Real Estate Investor Shows

Join Dustin Heiner and the Master Passive Income Podcast Network of shows for a LIVE podcast recording as they unveil the new direction for Master Passive Income to help 1 Million people to invest in real estate.

How to Earn 15% Interest and Beat Inflation with Promissory Notes

If you're not beating the real rate of inflation, you're losing money every year. Most investors don't understand the difference between nominal and real rates of return. But this is the lens you need to evaluate every investment opportunity. And using high-yield Promissory Notes is one way to beat high inflation.

Making Millions Investing In Billboard Creation and Selling

Making Millions Investing In Billboard Creation and Selling” is an insightful talk that unveils the lucrative world of billboard advertising. The speaker delves into the strategic process of creating, investing in, and selling billboard spaces, highlighting how these can yield significant returns. Attendees will learn about the latest trends, technological advancements, and marketing strategies that make billboards a compelling investment. This talk is a must-attend for entrepreneurs and investors looking to diversify their portfolios and tap into the high-reward potential of outdoor advertising.

Neuroscience of Wealth Creation; Money Mind Mastery

Learning how to make money is just part of the wealth building equation as this takes place primarily in the conscious mind of the prefrontal cortex. However, managing and enjoying it happens at deeper levels of consciousness. 

Experiencing all aspects of true financial freedom requires the combination of synchronizing brain regions, coherence of the nervous system and alignment of consciousnesses. 

During this mind opening training, Dr. Matt will share the latest neuroscience breakthroughs and strategies to help train your brain to make, keep and enjoy your money!

Scaling Your Portfolio With Partnerships

Diego achieved financial freedom, became a millionaire in his 20's and scaled his portfolio to 60+ doors, but… he didn't do it on his own. He invested w/ partners to grow and scale his portfolio. Diego will share the unfair advantages each partner should have before they partner up, how to structure partnerships and how to make sure you are staying in your zone of genius!

4 Surprising Accelerators to Turbo-Charge Portfolio Growth

Over her 20-year career as an investor, Real Estate coach Terrie Schauer has discovered 4 amazing secrets to helping Real Estate investors grow. Whether aspiring rookies or seasoned investors who are struggling with a plateau phase, everyone can profit from these four strategies that truly are the keys to leveraging growth. Learn how to:1. Hack your way into a stellar group of peers that will raise the glass ceiling on your investing life.2. Grow a network that can support your wildest ambitions.3. Access market-intel for an edge when you buy and negotiate opportunities.4. Gain tactical knowledge to take the guess-work out of financing, taxation, joint-ventures and syndications.Join the hundreds of investors Terrie has helped through her coaching- and podcast in this one-of-a-kind break-out session.

Buy All the Houses You Want with No Cash

Want to learn how you can buy all the houses you want without cash, credit or banks? Then you will want to join us as William Tingle shares his 25 years of experience in buying houses “Subject To.” Whether you are a landlord, Airbnb mogul or flipper, subject to is definitely an acquisition technique you want to have in your real estate toolbox. In these times of rising interest rates, knowing how to buy property subject to and taking advantage of existing financing with long term fixed rates, many times lower than 3%, will increase your cash flow dramatically. Don't miss this breakout session!

Crack the Cash Flow Code & Maximize Your Real Estate Profits with Profit First

Join Rocky Lalvani, real estate investing expert and Profit First pro, as he unlocks the secrets to maximizing your real estate profits and building sustainable wealth.

Personal Branding Without the Social Media Hype

A personal brand isn’t about going viral or social media followers. John will share how you can grow your customers, clients, or investors without dancing on TikTok or creating daily content to post.

Self-Managing With Ease: the PROP Method

Is hassle-free self-management possible? With the right procedures and tools, it can be! Learn four key areas to master in order to self-manage your long-term rentals with ease. Free up more of your rental income – and time – with the PROP method of self-managing.

$5M With Only 5-years Investing: A Beginner's Roadmap Without Burnout

Can five short years lay the foundation for never-ending wealth? Forget the long-held belief that it takes decades to build enough wealth to quit your job. And while we’re at it, lets also bypass the traditional grind associated with creating passive income through real estate investing. In this session, we’ll walk through a beginner-friendly roadmap to build wealth sustainably (and fast) with real estate with just 5 years of investing. You’ll see that building a life rich in more than just monetary terms is possible. This talk is designed for real estate investors seeking a strategic blueprint to lead to early financial freedom without sacrificing their well-being or what really matters to living a happy and fulfilling life.

From $0 to $250k Per Month Investing In Land

Curious about the blueprint to a multi-7-figure land empire? In this session, we'll peel back the curtain on how we escalated our land business to stellar heights and our ambitious plans to soar past $250k/month. Discover the critical fundamentals, essential systems, and revolutionary strategies that form the backbone of our success. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the land market or eager to turbocharge your current operations, this is your chance to get an insider's look at top-tier land business practices. Don't miss out on this exclusive peek into achieving peak performance in Land.

Maximize Profits By Having Your Real Estate License

The Time-Rich Investor: Advanced Time Management Strategies for Real Estate Success

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