Dallon Headshot - REV Equity Group

Dallon Schultz

Founder and President of REV

As the President and Founder of both REV Real Estate and REV Equity Group, Dallon provides the tools, resources and relationships necessary to accelerate your way to financial freedom through investing in apartments and self-storage assets.

Whether it is providing investors with stable returns, long-term capital appreciation, and tremendous tax benefits or by assisting others grow their own real estate portfolio, Dallon is actively looking for opportunities to bring value to those around him.

With a deep rooted desire to give, Dallon and the rest of the REV team are continually looking for ways to serve by donating more of their time and financial influence.

Dallon partners with like-minded individuals to assist them in growing and preserving their wealth so that they can more abundantly give of their time and money and believes that apartment investing is hands down the best vehicle to accomplish this.

Dallon has been investing in real estate since 2018. His first purchase of a cash flowing fourplex using strictly OPM ignited a burning desire to begin his journey to financial freedom using the powerful vehicle of real estate.

Within 1 ½ years Dallon quit his W2 job to begin developing and purchasing multimillion dollar properties.

Currently involved in over $100 million worth of real estate with the expectation of increasing that to $250 million within the next 12 months, Dallon is motivated and driven to provide a high caliber experience to all those he partners with.

His moto “We make apartment investing easy” is the main driving force in strategically building quality relationships and ensuring the appropriate systems and processes are in place to provide an “A class” experience.

Dallon hosted the largest monthly gathering focused exclusively on multifamily investing in the state of Arizona where the core focus of those meetups was to inspire, empower and provide networking opportunities for individuals to pursue their path to financial freedom through the powerful vehicle of real estate investing .

He is also the host of the podcast, The Millionaire Mind: A Journey into the Mindset of Successful Business Owners, globally ranked in the top 5%, where he interviews some of the most successful people in business to better understand how their minds work and really what it was that helped them achieve the level of success they have experienced.

Dallon is husband and loving father to four beautiful children and desires to provide them with a life of travel and experiences and invites others to come along with him on the journey.



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