Damon Headshot - Damon Remy

Damon Remy

REI BlackBook - CEO & Founder


Damon has a knack for turning ideas into reality, having built multiple businesses that not only reached but exceeded the seven-figure mark. Recognized among the top 100 Entrepreneurs, his approach is less about the limelight and more about substantial, lasting impact. His own Real Estate portfolio? A testament to savvy investing, marked by a seven-figure real estate achievement. Yet, Damon’s influence extends beyond his own ventures. As a trusted trainer for Rich Dad Education, he shares his unique Vision Systems People workshop, guiding others to see beyond the horizon. For over a decade, Damon has been the driving force of a Mastermind group for elite investors, sharing insights that shape the future of investing. Known as the go-to expert for systems and automation among real estate professionals, he brings simplicity to complexity. At the heart of Damon’s work is REI BlackBook, where he champions innovation and purpose, leading a team committed to excellence and understanding. His journey from a self-taught tech enthusiast, sparked in the Marine Corps, to the chief visionary officer showcases his belief in continuous improvement and problem-solving. not at the momentMore than his achievements, Damon values the role of being a dedicated father of 4 and won over his wife with a karaoke song. Modest yet impactful, Damon Remy embodies the essence of true leadership: inspiring success without the need for the spotlight.



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