Denise Ford

Denise Ford

Founder l Triumph Property & Land Sandbox


With a background in Business and Marketing, Denise has 17 years in Sales and Marketing experience within B2B, B2C and B2Gov industries. Management experience includes eight years of managing 35 person teams.
As an entrepreneur in addition to her W2, Denise ran a freelance business and worked with over 150+ clients along with teaching as a university adjunct. Her entry into real estate was through land Investments across nine Arizona counties and Washington.
As the buying and selling business grows, new opportunities to subdivide, value-add and development has naturally evolved. Channels have expanded to house-hacking, flips, with self storage and multifamily planned for 2024.
As an entrepreneur who passionately believes everyone can build a greater future and enjoy it along the way, Denise shares her path of problem solving to get to a more meaningful life.
As a single mother who raised four children on a shoestring budget, she risked starting a new real estate career later in life to gain financial freedom. Most importantly, she could fill her days with people, business and adventures which fill her cup by emulating, “Do something you fear everyday”.


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