Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt Mannino

Founder | Source Trainings, LLC

Using the principles he now teaches, Dr. Matt built one of the largest solo Chiropractic practices in the nation. His company, Source Trainings, LLC, was created to empower people through a unique blend of the Science of Success and the Supernatural Laws that govern it.

Utilizing accelerated learning techniques and high-impact experiential presentations, Dr. Matt engages his seminar participants and keynote audiences to truly transform their lives by exposing and eliminating the root causes of life’s challenges.

As an industry leader in personal development and an expert and innovator in the Neurosciences, Dr. Matt has taken his unparalleled life transformation system, Quantum Emergence®, into businesses, universities, and nonprofit organizations worldwide, serving all levels of personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

His seminars, keynotes, products, and services are designed to maximize learning and bridge the gap between intangible theories of personal development and “how to” applications that work.

As a successful investor and entrepreneur in multiple industries, owning and operating several million-dollar businesses, Dr. Matt has helped thousands of people over the past 25 to reach greater levels of health, wealth, and fulfillment.



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