Felipe Mejia

Co-Founder | Rat Race to FI, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Felipe Mejia is a 31 year old real estate investor and entrepreneur. He inadvertently started his real estate journey at the age of 18, by house hacking a mobile home during college. After the door closed to a career in law enforcement, he began researching different avenues of real estate. For two years, he spent countless hours educating himself on how to invest in real estate while he operated his own moving company. Within another two years, by age 30, he had acquired financial freedom with 10 rental properties. He met business partner, Diego Corzo, and they created RATRACE to FI, which provides education and tools to those who are looking to leave the “ratrace” and are seeking financial independence through real estate. Felipe is married and loves traveling with his family and is learning to golf. His 10 year goal is to create 100 millionaires.



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