Jesse Ray

Founder | Growth House

Jesse has been an investor since 21 years old, starting with writing covered calls on stocks. However, after a few years, he realized he had no control over the market and decided to get into Real Estate. After 4 years of analysis by paralysis, Jesse finally pulled the trigger and bought a home in Phoenix, Arizona. He decided to house hack by living in the master bedroom and renting out the remaining 3 bedrooms. In addition to the 3 bedrooms, the home also had a detached casita which he put on Airbnb. Amazed with the opportunity to live for free and cash flow on his first property, Jesse bought his 2nd property that same year. In March of 2022, he launched Growth House, a Co-Living Community for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals. Growth House helps accelerate growth for their community through living together and collaborating, masterclasses, accountability meetings, one-on-one coaching, and other resources available. Retired from “Corporate America,” Jesse is now fully living out his purpose, “My purpose is to inspire and help others reach their full potential.”



REWBCON is for all real estate investors wanting to learn, network, and become successful investors.