Kris Sachtleben

Kris Sachtleben President S.O.I. Outdoor Sign Company

Possessing a unique skill set in billboard location development which spans multiple states, Kris Sachtleben has been a seasoned professional in the real estate industry since 2000.

Serving as the driving force behind a thriving commercial sign company, he is concurrently building a separate residential real estate business.

Adopting a “burn the boats” mindset and implementing systems and processes, Kris has effectively delegated almost all aspects of his company’s operations to a custom team he established in the Philippines.

This team efficiently manages nearly every facet of his company’s operations.

Using this freedom and leveraging Facebook, he has created multiple real estate groups boasting nearly 20,000 members.

These groups were designed to be the ultimate deal machine, bringing together three vital components: buyers, sellers, and lenders, in one cohesive platform.



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