Lee Huffman

Founder | Bald Thoughts

Lee Huffman is a former financial planner and corporate finance manager who now writes about early retirement, credit cards, travel, insurance, and other personal finance topics. He enjoys showing people how to travel more, spend less, and live better through the power of credit card rewards. When Lee is not getting his passport stamped around the world, he’s researching methods to earn more miles and points toward his next vacation.

In addition to being a credit card expert, Lee began investing in real estate in 2006 by buying his first ready-to-rent investment property. After purchasing two more turnkey rental properties, he partnered with a friend from college to start buying distressed properties using the BRRR method. Lee mastered the delayed financing strategy to buy six properties over the next few years using the same investment capital repeatedly. This strategy enabled them to buy, rehab, rent, and refinance quickly without the normal seasoning requirements of BRRR investing. Lee loves the passive income that their properties produce and the ability to maximize credit card rewards on rehabs and normal operating expenses of their business.



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