Leisa Peterson

MBA, CFP | CEO WealthClinic, Real Estate Investor and Author of The Mindful Millionaire

Hi I’m Leisa.

I’m on a mission to help 1,000,000 people elevate their financial consciousness by helping them realize their true value in the world and beyond. I’ve had the great fortune to witness 1,000’s of money breakthroughs while writing my book, The Mindful Millionaire (St Martin’s Press).

My specialty is helping business owners overcome a cycle of scarcity, uncertainty and economic volatility so they can heal their sense of self-worth and rebuild amazing confidence so they can build holistic wealth and ultimately semi-retire (a time where you have flexibility and time freedom to call your own shots AND make a bigger impact.)

In order to embody confidence, economic security and self-love, you must heal your heart and become aware of the road blocks to a prosperous relationship – with yourself.



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