Matt Fore

Founder | Ice Cream with Investors

Matt Fore is a part-time real estate investor based in Nashville, Tennessee. In his professional life, he has spent over a decade in sales and sales leadership positions at one of the largest technology companies in the world. After finding real estate, Matt achieved financial independence in 3 short years by the age of 32. Today, Matt has invested in 750+ multi-family units and various real estate debt.

When he’s not working, he enjoys reading, training for Ironman triathlons, and convincing his brother that he is the favorite twin. Matt began his investing career when he was told that he wouldn’t be paid a life-changing commission check he had earned while working at one of his former employers.

When he asked why they decided not to pay him, his VP asked him, “How much have you made this year? Isn’t that enough?” It was at that moment he knew he needed to take his financial future into his own hands.

5 years later, he achieved financial independence.



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