IMG_3637 - Steve Yoak

Steve Yoak

Akron Turnkey- Owner


Steve Yoak is a dedicated individual with a passion for real estate, driven by a commitment to empower others to achieve success in the world of investing.

His journey in the real estate sector began as a savvy investor, specializing in multi-family properties and implementing innovative house-hacking strategies.

Beyond his thriving real estate ventures, Steve has a rich background as a devoted teacher and coach, positively influencing the lives of thousands of middle school students.

As his real estate portfolio expanded, Steve’s expertise in flipping properties proved highly successful, affording him the freedom to step away from the confines of a traditional school schedule and channel his energy into business growth.

With an impressive track record, Steve played a pivotal role in scaling various businesses over the years, including the remarkable feat of starting a construction contracting business with just an initial investment of $5,000.00.

In a span of three years, he successfully scaled it into a multi-million-dollar company. His prowess in real estate saw him flip over 100 homes, showcasing his knack for strategic investments and successful property transformations.

Despite engaging in multifaceted business endeavors, Steve remains committed to sharing his knowledge and coaching others to achieve success in the real estate arena.

Steve Yoak stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of entrepreneurial success and a passion for education, exemplifying how one can navigate diverse fields and make a lasting impact both in business and in the lives of those he mentors.



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