Sunitha Rao

Founder | Griffix Property Group

The high level overview of Sunitha’s journey is as follows: 12 years ago, she retired from nearly a decade of playing tennis professionally and competing on the worlds largest stages – including the 2008 Beijing Olympics – at the age of 23 with a sixth grade education, quite literally no money and very little knowledge of how the world worked outside of her sport.

Fast forward to today, she has earned a bachelor’s in business and finance and an MBA from Villanova University, has no student debt, a successful finance career and a budding real estate business with nine doors in her portfolio. These doors have been acquired and supported through her single and discretionary income, leveraging networking and multiple creative financing methods. She operates mostly in the buy and hold space, focusing on long term and short term rentals.

Her goal is to achieve financial freedom while also having a positive impact on other’s lives through investing in real estate by purchasing distressed properties and repairing them up to provide safer, cleaner, higher quality living environment for her tenants and guests.



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