Susan Elliot

Susan Elliot

Goodegg Investments, Director of Investor Education

Susan is a real estate investor, intrapreneur, adventure athlete, mother, and Director of Investor Education at Goodegg Investments. Through videos, blogs, webinars and more, Susan seeks to help others find how investing can easily fit into their life, and help them move faster to financial freedom. Through this, she believes it can be easier to live a more intentional life by design, which is where we’ll find true happiness. Susan began her career in real estate investing by house-hacking her first home, managing a short-term rental business, and starting a non-performing notes investing business. As she continued to identify her own life-by-design, she knew passive investing in multifamily and hotel syndications fit her life the most, and that she was most happy when she could help other people get started investing passively in real estate too. A former Engineer and outdoor adventure guide, Susan combines a strong technical background with engaging storytelling to help all investors understand complex topics in finance and personal development.



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