Tom Sylvester

Founder | Lifestyle Builders, COO 2X

Tom set a goal to “retire” by 35. He later found out that he actually didn’t want to stop working, but instead desired to create Financial Independence.

Tom is a business consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them grow and scale their businesses through leadership, strategy, and systems. He spent several years doing this with Fortune 500 companies and their leaders before shifting his focus towards his passion, which is helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.

After working with far too many entrepreneurs who achieved business success at the expense of their personal lives and relationships, Tom pulled Ariana in and started the #LifestyleBuilders Movement. They believe that your business should support your life, rather than taking it over. As a result, Tom spends most of his days working with entrepreneurs on that mission, from coaching entrepreneurs, co-hosting the Lifestyle Builders Podcast and co-authoring the Lifestyle Builders Book with Ariana.



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