IMG_1291 - Zach Zimmer

Zach Zimmer

Real Estate Investor


Zach was hard at work climbing the corporate ladder executing the plan we are traditionally taught. Get a degree, a good job, get an MBA, get in early, give your all for your W2 employer… that was also the path his wife Kelly was following.

In 2012 He started learning about rental properties after continually hearing co-workers getting into them.

He spent six months on & off trying to understand the model while getting turned down for a loan from his father. Finally later that year he ended up buying two separate SFH’s with his annual bonus and two Huntington investment property loans.

They were pregnant with their daughter and Zach figured the rentals ~700/month free cashflow would pay for he and Kelly’s weekends out, and in 18 years they could be sold to provide a very nice college fund. No worries about saving for college! Back to bleeding for his W2 and moving up the ladder!

He eventually found online forums, podcasts, read all the books, and as he refers to “took the red pill” (Matrix movie reference). He found and empowered a team and bought ~100 SFH’s from 2013-2019 while also investing in notes, private equity, partnerships, trampoline park, bowling alley, and much more!

Zach, Kelly, and their two daughters lived off just his W2 income letting the investment income snowball faster and faster to a point it was passively more than 3x what he made as a Director of Continuous Improvement.

In 2019 his division was eliminated during cutbacks due to missing earnings and he happily (that time) told his wife the news and that he was going to miss his goal of keeping a W2 until 40.

He and his family now live a “1%er” life completely on passive / unearned income executing a tax strategy that has him paying little to no taxes, and to top it off his wealth snowball continues to grow every year!



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