Vertical Street Ventures


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Vertical Street Ventures is an investment firm focused on delivering passive income and helping build generational wealth for our investors through real estate investing. We also have an Academy that teaches you to become a real estate syndicator as well. We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve developed an approach that enables you to learn at your own pace and get up to speed faster and more efficiently. Regardless of how you prefer to learn (listening, watching or doing), we’ve got you covered and we reinforce what you’ve learned with a powerful combination of online testing and real-world, hands-on applications. We realize that when you put theory into practice, there frequently are a lot of questions and further learning opportunities that come with it. Thus, it was important to us to create a curriculum that went beyond the classroom, and we instead created a program with extensive real-world opportunities. With over $300MM assets under management and the experience of 5 full cycle deals, we have the direct knowledge and proven approach to help you succeed in multifamily.  Learn more about the Academy by visiting: 



REWBCON is for all real estate investors wanting to learn, network, and become successful investors.