Breakout Session Tracks

$4,000 Per Track


Breakout session tracks are the core experience for REWBCON attendees. They provide expert investors a platform to share investing wisdom, experiences, successes, failures, and tips with attendees.

Some breakout sessions are presented as standalone tracks, while others are supplemental content during REWBCON Central.

All sessions will be available for watching after REWBCON via the REWBCON University online streaming platform.

As a Breakout Session Track Sponsor, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Track will be named “Track Title Presented by Your Name” in all REWBCON materials
  • Within the REWBCON Digital Recordings, you will have the first landing page within your sponsored track. This page can include videos, text, ads, your brand logo, and links of your choosing.
  • Logo displayed on sponsor page
  • (2) REWBCON passes

Available Breakout Sessions for Sponsorship:

Multi-Family & Syndication

This track is for investors who seek to grow in their multi-family and syndication business. Whether the attendees are operators or syndicators, this track is to help them be exposed to the investing strategies, companies to work with, education, etc. The sessions are for all levels of investors from beginners to experts in multi-family investing.

Buy and Hold (Short, Mid, & Long Term Rentals)

The Buy and Hold track offers expert lessons and coaching about passive income, appreciation, B.R.R.R.R., and house-hacking. The track is best suited for investors who hold onto their properties for an extended period of time and even create generational wealth with investing.

Finding & Funding Deals

Money and deals are the life blood for the real estate investor. As the attendees go through this track, they will be learning how to find more properties in faster and better ways. Along with better ways to get funding for their properties utilizing leverage to acquire their investments.

Passive Income

Those investors who have more money than time will learn how to make their money work for them faster and how to get the most return for their money. These attendees will be a more sophisticated investor and need better ways to make their money work for them to get the best return.

Financial Freedom

Everyone wants to have financial freedom and this track will give them the steps, processes, and insights on how they can use real estate investing to do it. Everything from creating passive income, getting out of debt, growing your ability to make more money, and much more.

Business Building & Automation

Investors go from “mom & pop” investors to business owners with systems and automation. Each investor should desire to grow their investing from a hobby to a business and this is the track to help them achieve their desire to make the business run itself.

Tax Strategies

Every investor needs to learn how to deal with taxes in the most efficient and least costly ways to pay less in taxes. Most investors are not accountants and need expert guided expertise on how to do it the right way to save them the most money possible with their taxes.

Land, NFT’s, and More

Land investing and NFT’s are areas of investing that most people don’t think about but should when they are investing in real estate. This track will help every investor see what is coming and how to be successful with investing in NFT’s and Land.

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Breakout Session Tracks

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