$6500 (Limited)


If your company would like to host any sort of event (dinner, cocktail hour, party, meetup, etc.) in conjunction with REWBCON, this is the sponsorship for you. Whether you’re planning an open invitation or VIP event, this sponsorship allows you the licensing rights to host an event. Specific windows of time are available for you to choose from and the REWBCON team will help coordinate invitations and assist in curating attendee lists, if applicable. Ideas: pub crawl, happy hour, dinner, coffee shop meetup, game night, walking/bike tour, karaoke, live music, etc.

As sponsor of this limited event, you will receive the following:

  • Coordinate with the REWBCON team to determine the best time for your event
  • Coordinate with the REWBCON team to curate a list of specific attendees to invite
  • Coordinate with the REWBCON team to send out invitations for your event
  • Cost of drinks, appetizers, party favors, event venue not included
  • If the event is open to all attendees, conference materials will list the event as
  • “Event hosted by Company Name”
  • 10’x10’ Premium Exhibitor Booth (if available)
  • 2 REWBCON passes
  • Logo displayed on REWBCON.com sponsor page
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